ZJE IRC Network

Welcome to ZJE IRC


There's a webchat interface, if you're not a regular user, or you can't use a regular client for some reason.

It can be found at www.irc.z.je/webchat


The current MOTD can be viewed here.

Some Help?

If you don't want to use the webchat and prefer a regular client program, you can connect to the network using an
array of IRC clients.

Hostname & Ports

You can connect to the network via the hostname irc.z.je

The ports are:

Nickserv & Authentication

You can get most clients to automatically identify you to NickServ in one of a few ways.

SASL is also supported by the network.

With Colloquy on iPhone & iPad, it is simply a case of:

For those using irssi, you can do the following: Next time you connect, you should get SASL authentication successful.


By default, your IP and/or hostname will be cloaked.
You can remove the cloak by setting mode -x

/mode <your_nick> -x

Current Live Servers in the irc.z.je Pool

Some Usage Stats

Some network statistics can be found here.





The ZJE IRC Opers team would like to thank Thomas Greer and TS One for kindly donating the VPS hosting server two.

If you are an oper, you can click here to get to the oper control panel